Two SHS girls filmed been ch()pped by an European tourist who came to Ghana

A video of Ghanaian Senior High School students who sold a video clip of their delight session to him for 2000 pounds was released by Chaddick Lindelof, a white man from the United Kingdom.

The white man claims that, because he paid for the film, he may use it however he wants and drop it wherever he wants.

The pupils wore masks to conceal their identity but chatted in twi during the video. The moral decay in our schools, as well as the extensive exposure to foreign cultures that we have allowed our Ghanaian children to enjoy and experience, is slowly eroding our good morals and values.

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What will our pupils be like as university students now that they’ve become adult entertainment stars in high school?

Due to policy violations and our community standards, we cannot upload the video here, but it is fast spreading like wildfire on the internet and a simple search will get you results.

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