Twins Ghanaian teachers Patrick and Frederick, put smiles on their student’s faces as they give them uniforms

Patrick and Frederick Mensah, better known as Twins Diaries on social media, have utilized their platform to promote the students they teach at school.

Frederick Mensah, one of the brothers, spoke to about how passionate he is about helping his students reach their full potential.

” Teaching is my passion and it’s a talent as well Because I was employed way back 2016 by the youth employment program to teach.

“The teaching contract ended in 2018. In that two years, the kids, teachers and even the parent had grown to love me. The reason is, I worked very hard…The kids and the teachers love me because of how I taught. I always give my all in class. In class and even sports occasions, I do all my best to put my school on the map….I really have passion in teaching even tho am not a professional teacher…..When my contract came to an end, the teachers in the school had a meeting with me and declared that, they want me to stay and they will give me a token every month…..The kids and the parents didn’t want me to live the school, so I had to stay……I play with them during break time…..One day, posted a video with my kids playing ampe during the break time, the video went viral…..Some kids in the video were not wearing uniform…..A good Samaritan contact me and gave me something for the kids…..I bought the cloth and sewed it for them….It is my passion to be a teacher so I don’t want my kids to be in that way…..I don’t need to depend on the government always in terms of needs….Sometimes the little I get from others, I add something and make it great for my kids..So help me God.”

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