Twene Jonas needs to be careful else his life will be cut short – Archipalago

Twene Jonas has been identified as mentally ill by Archipalago, a Ghanaian musician based in the United States.

Twene Jonas, he says, should be vigilant of his constant criticism of the administration, which he generally combines with harsh language and vendettas aimed at Ghanaian politicians.

This remark comes after a recent incident in which a fetish priest was seen cursing Twene Jonas for disrespecting Asantehene.

Although many people admire Twene Jonas’ work, especially how he pushes Ghanaian leaders to do better, others think the young man, who is based in the United States, is setting himself up for political conflict, with him as the unfortunate target.

Archipalgo is one of these people, and he is cautioning Twene Jonas to be vigilant of his words and refrain from verbally insulting Ghanaians and their leaders regardless of how he believes the country should be handled.

he wrote;

I think that twene Jonas guy is mentally unstable .. he better be careful!

Because of “Views and Likes” he has turned deaf ears to any advice I have given him!!!

Said I have been advising Twene Jonas to stop the insulting the leaders and most of y’all thought I was lying so I had to set the record straight!!! Here’s the screenshots of me advising him last year!

For all those saying Twene Jonas is brave and all that for insulting the leaders, will you allow your family member to be doing that shit for over 1year continuous.. y’all act like you love him but you don’t!

below is a screenshot;

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