TV3 gifts journalist Portia Gabor a 2 bedroom house and a paid trip to South Africa for winning Journalist of the year.

Portia Gabor, a journalist based in Ghana, has been awarded “double” this year.

On Saturday, the Ghana Journalist Association honored a newscaster from TV3 by bestowing upon them the title of Journalist of the Year 2021.

Because of the excellent work she had done over the course of many years, her coworkers and people from a variety of other backgrounds sent her notes of congratulations.

When Portia’s employers welcomed her to work this morning, they gave her a guard of honor as a sign of respect.

In addition to this, Media General has awarded the journalist a house with two bedrooms in acknowledgment of her efforts as a journalist and the praise she has received from the Ghana Journalist Association.

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Additionally, she will go on a trip to South Africa, which will be paid for in its entirety by Media General.