“TT Should Be Making Over Ghc 6,000 A Month Out Of The Money I Gave Him If He Really Invested” – Ayisha Modi

Ayisha Modi, a Ghanaian socialite, has publicly said that she, too, sent money to the famed actor Psalm Adjetefio, also known as TT.

She claimed this in the comments section of a post about the legendary actor’s predicament by Ghanaian artist Reggie Zippy on his verified social media page on the popular social media network, Facebook.

Reggie questioned why Ghanaians are attacking MzGee and the actor in his remark on Facebook, adding that many people who are not in the actor’s shoes may not fully understand what the actor is going through.

Ayisha Modi responded to the post by writing:

“Bro the same time the Vic president gave him the money I also did”