“Trotro And Taxi Drivers In Ghana Are F00l!sh “- Actor Nana Yeboah Speaks From Germany (Video)

Nana Yeboah, a Kumawood actor, has slammed Ghanaian taxi and trotro drivers for constantly blasting their horns at the slightest provocation.

He claimed on his Instagram page, where he shared a video from Hamburg Street, that Ghanaian police officers should be paid more because they are continuously exposed to the intense heat.

According to him, the system in Hamburg is vastly different from the system in Ghana because in Germany, if you honk your horn or drive too quickly, the police traffic device will identify you and you will be penalized by the time you arrive home.

Taxi and trotro drivers in Ghana, according to Nana Yeboah, blow their horns indiscriminately and are never punished.