Tracey Boakye's husband was still dating Vivian Jill when they married (New Gist)

Tracey Boakye’s husband was still dating Vivian Jill when they married (New Gist)

Just a few days after their wedding, new information regarding the purported relationship between Tracey Boakye’s spouse and Vivian Jill has surfaced.

It would appear that Frank Badu Ntiamoah, who is married to Tracey, and Vivian Jill did not end their relationship before he went to get married.

Naana Brown claims that at the time Frank and Tracey were making their wedding plans in secret, the couple was still together.

She revealed that only three weeks before, Frank was staying with the actress Vivian Jill and sleeping at her house while he was in town. Tracey, however, stole Vivian Jill’s boyfriend so that she could conceal the fact that she was pregnant.

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Also, Nana Brown asserted that Tracey Boakye is having problems with her Papa No as a result of her allegedly unsuccessful use of black magic.

Naana Brown claims that Papa No has severed ties with Tracey Boakye, and as a result, she has been coerced into carrying out this wedding in order to conceal the embarrassment she feels about having given birth to three children with no significant man in her life.

Angry When Naana Brown found out that Tracey Boakye had accused her of collecting money from Diamond Appiah in order to shame her, she responded by firing Tracey Boakye in a viral video.

In the meantime, Tracey has mentioned that she and her bridesmaids spent two months planning their wedding together.

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