Tracey Boakye’s ‘Crocodile Feet’ Refuses To Enter Her Slippers In New Photos

Tracey Boakye, the actress, is once again making headlines for her poor dress choices. Tracey can not seem to put together a whole nice wardrobe for the internet for some reason!

Tracey Boakye appears to be trending on social media as fans mock her for her notorious feet, which she is frequently chastised for.

Tracey Boakye appears to be well-dressed in a snapshot — she is wearing a lovely floral two-piece outfit.

Tracey looked stunning in her dress, with all of her curves and everything, but she could not complete her ensemble with the appropriate footwear.

She opted for a bright yellowish slipper heel that was too small for her feet.

Despite wearing slippers, Tracey Boakye’s feet are visible on the ground. What sort of lady, let alone a superstar, wants her feet on the ground as she steps out?

We are not sure how many times we should mention Tracey’s lack of style. Tracey has the option of using his services or purchasing a decent style.

Tracey Boakye has always been chastised for her shabby dress sense. If it is not her mishmash of colors, it is her clumsy choice of clothes for a special event or her unimpressive celebrity appearance.

below is her photo;

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