Tracey Boakye Speaks After Reports That 'Papa no' Has Kicked Her Out Of Her East Legon Mansion (Video)

Tracey Boakye Speaks After Reports That ‘Papa no’ Has Kicked Her Out Of Her East Legon Mansion (Video)

There have been numerous reports on the internet claiming that Tracey Boakye, a Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, has been evicted from her East Legon mansion.

According to reports, she was thrown out of the house by the famous ‘Papa No’ because he is not pleased with Tracey Boakye’s recent decision to marry Frank.

Tracey Boakye has come out to clarify the issues in the simplest way possible, just before things could get any worse.

Tracey Boakye stated unequivocally in a series of posts on her Instagram story that she had not been fired.

Tracey Boakye claimed that she had sold the mansion to a buyer who expressed interest.

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She explained that she works in real estate and that her company, K and A Properties, specializes in the construction, purchase, and sale of residential real estate.

As a result, when a buyer expressed interest in purchasing her East Legon mansion, she gladly sold it to the person because, after all, wealthy people have many homes.

Tracey Boakye continued, “I’m currently working on a project at Trassaco and others in the airport west area.”