Tracey Boakye Caught For Lying About Having A Flat Tummy; Video Of Her Real Body Shape Surfaces Online

Tracey Boakye has been tossed onto the hot desk once again after she was exposed on camera faking a flat stomach and a curvaceous body shape on social media.

She seems curvier and has a flatter belly on her social media page and even goes ahead to give thanks to her products, recommend the products to help her followers who want to achieve her amazing physique, but it all turned out to be big a lie.

Tracey Boakye’s actual physique was finally revealed on camera after years of using hip pads for a curvaceous shape and altering her Instagram photos for a flat belly just to look perfect for her audience.

The mother of two was spotted bouncing in enthusiasm at what looked like a party, however, her body physique was different from what she’s been showing on her Instagram page and other social media handles and this was very difficult to overlook.

People began to wonder where her hips and flat belly disappeared in the now-viral video.

The actress and her peers have been pushed to over-edit their images for a flawless figure.

Like Tracey, they look beautiful online but hide in reality.

It’s time for celebrities and public figures to quit misleading themselves and their audience with highly altered photographs on social media.