Tracey a student from Krobo Girls SHS, remains at home due financial situation despite her excellent results.

Tracey Lartey, a science student from Krobo Girls Senior High School, remains at home due to a lack of funding to continue her education at university.

In a letter to a well-known Facebook personality, 

She narrated,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to continue my education after high school. My father, who is the primary provider for our family, was involved in a car accident and lost a leg. My family was severely impacted financially.

Since then, our family has battled to survive. So, due to financial constraints, I had to postpone my dream of becoming a medical doctor.

I beg you to help me achieve my dream of attending university. I am a very dedicated student who is now more than ever determined to become a doctor. I would be forever grateful if you would consider my modest request.

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