Top bribe-taking institutions in Ghana are exposed by UN data [Full list].

A recent survey conducted by the United Nations (UN) in Ghana has revealed the top bribe-taking institutions in the country. Bright Simons, a vice president of IMANI Africa, shared portions of the survey on Twitter, unveiling shocking revelations about the extent of illicit transactions in Ghana. The data shows that the Lands Commission, an agency under the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, takes the most bribes in Ghana, with an average bribe size of 1669. Following closely behind is the judicial system, including prosecutors, judges, and magistrates, with an average bribe size of 1,204. The Ghana Immigration Service ranked third, with an average bribe size of 950.

The survey also highlights that these institutions engage in bribery or request bribes in a significant percentage of the public services they provide, ranging from 70 to 97 percent. Additionally, the survey identified the Oti Region as the region with the highest number of bribe requests, with public officers taking or asking for bribes in over 91 percent of their duties. This was followed by the Northern Region (89.2%), Upper East (83.4%), North East (81.2%), Upper West (80.3%), and Ashanti (70.4%).

Bright Simons, who shared parts of the survey on Twitter, pointed out that teachers and professors in Ghana are particularly skilled at taking bribes, often avoiding cash transactions. The UN data raises concerns about the prevalence of corruption in Ghana and the need for measures to address this issue effectively.

Overall, the survey conducted by the UN provides valuable insights into the state of bribery in Ghana, shedding light on the institutions and regions most affected by this pervasive problem. It serves as a call to action for the government and relevant authorities to take steps to combat corruption and ensure transparency in public services.


Effah Gideon

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