Tima Kumkum sends words of encouragement to Adwoa Saah After she spoke about her marital problems

Following her sad interview with Delay, television host Cynthia Tima Yeboah aka Tima Kumkum has sent a consoling message to her predecessor, Adwoa Saah Boateng.

Despite the pain of losing something valuable, she has advised her to leave the wondering to God.

She wrote, ‘Sometimes loosing something can be very hard to contain but just remember that whenever you loose one thing it means you are about to get a better one, so just accept the reality everytime it hits you and leave the wondering to God ,stay easy lovelies’ everytime it hits you and leave the wondering to God ,stay easy lovelies

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Adwoa Saah made headlines recently after her interview with Delay.

She expressed her dissatisfaction with her marriage, pointing out that her husband’s baby mamas have been throwing tantrums at her.

When asked why she left her job at Adom TV, which was at the height of its popularity at the time, an emotional Adwoa Saah said she did what was best for her at the time and that she has no regrets.

She claims she hasn’t lost anything because her abilities are what make her Adwoa Saah, and they can’t be taken away from her.

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