“Till Death Do Us Part” – Man Swore As His Wife Loses Skin Colour

According to Afrimax, a man vowed never to leave his wife because she is the nicest thing that has ever happened to him.

People fought against their marriage, but love triumphed in the end.

The man revealed that Maria Goretti was born normally, but she began to lose her skin color 30 years after they married. He took her to various hospitals and traditional doctors, but all of his efforts were futile.

He did the dishes, prepared food for her in the hospital, and did other housework while she was in the hospital. He clung to Maria even as her legs began to tire.

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The man has a genuine and unwavering affection for Maria. In case you’re wondering, real love does exist.

He revealed that his feelings for Maria are becoming stronger by the day and that he has promised to be by her side, cherishing and loving her till death do them part.

His friends counseled him to leave her, but he refused because he had never met a lady like Maria.