Three years have passed since SafariBet refused to pay Theophilus Morgan after he won $12 million at sports betting.

Today, November 11th, marks exactly 3 years since Theophilus Morgan, a Ghanaian young man, set a historic record by winning a whopping 12 million dollars in sports betting with SAFARIBET.

Unfortunately, Safaribet blocked his online betting account and deleted all of his betting records in order to conceal his massive winning, and he also had his legitimate win reduced from GHc573,62922.591 to Gh286,991.555.

Safaribet then demanded that the record-breaking winner, Theophilus Morgan, sign a waiver before receiving the GHc286,991.555.

Theophilus Morgan felt duped and went to court to seek restitution.

Although the verdict was in Mr Morgan’s favor, SAFARIBET closed all of their offices, sold all of their assets, and transferred all of their funds out of Ghana before fleeing the country.

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What action has the Ghana Gaming Commission taken in response to this problem? For crying out loud, it’s been three years since Morgan was robbed of his victory.

Is Ghana so simple that foreigners can come and milk us, the citizens, and then flee, as SAFARIBET did? We require answers!

What has the EOCO done to address this problem? What have we learned as a nation as a result of this issue, now that betting shops can be found all over Ghana?

We regrettably have several similar betting companies in the country; are we to fear that a similar incident will occur before something is done?

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