This thief could not be hurt by bullets or a cutlass, so he was bathed and injected with ac!d until he d!ed.

Some residents in Wassa Braso have executed an infamous robber named Luke, following an unsuccessful looting effort in the area.

According to sources, the robber was impregnable to gunshots and cutlasses, and as a result, they started to look for other ways to break his charm. The residents are said to have bathed and injected the young man with acid via the anus till he died.

Luke stole a motorcycle from Wassa Enyinabrem and carry it out of town but he ran out of petrol in the Braso settlement. He attempted to steal fuel from another motorcycle in the village’s cocoa plantation but was apprehended.

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He was attacked by a mob. The mob intended to slaughter him initially, but the cutlass would not cut a single hair on his skin. They realized the young man was shielded by a spell at that point. This enraged them, and they pulled out a revolver and pointed it at him.

They stripped Luke naked and found that he was wearing a charm around his waist. Luke was then chained and submerged in acid. Even in that terrible time, this ‘heartless’ crowd pulled a load of acid from his anus and injected him.

Meanwhile, Luke’s best friend, Basco, was hunted down in Bogoso around a year ago for stealing. The residents claim the two were members of a deadly gang that had robbed them of several belongings.