This is what a mᾶd man did for me after I bought him food at the restaurant – Lady reveals

A lady described how a mᾶd man approached her in a restaurant and begged her for food. The owner of the restaurant wanted to chase him out, but she stopped him.

According to her, she ordered two plates of food, which the mᾶd man ate and thanked her afterward.

She stated that she had an interview the next day with an oil company, and to her surprise, the mᾶd man she assisted was the company’s manager, so the man signed a check and hired her right away.

She penned,

I was in a restaurant one day eating, and a mᾶd man came to me begging for a plate of food. The owner of the restaurant came to chase the mᾶd man away, but I ordered him not to do so.

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I ordered two plates of food, and the mᾶd man ate them. After eating it, he thanked me. I prayed for him and he went away.

I had an interview the next day at an oil company, and I was surprised that the mᾶd man I helped was the manager of the company.

When he saw me, he smiled and said to me, “Your prayers have been answered.” He told me that he just wanted to test me at the restaurant, and he wasn’t mᾶd. Immediately, he brought out a cheque and signed 10 million naira for me. To add to that, he gave me automatic employment at the company.