This is not good! Man buried in a sitting position with a special coffin (photo)

There are many different faiths around the world, and different people believe in various things, which shapes their religious choices. As a result, certain people have unusual burial rights for their departed loved ones.

When a guy was buried while still seated in a casket, a viral photo from supposedly western Kenya captured the public’s attention and raised more questions than answers, leaving web users bewildered.

Images of a loved one being buried in a chair-made casket in a particular neighborhood have gone viral and are currently causing a stir on the internet.

According to reliable sources, the Balunda tribe burys their dead in this manner on a regular basis; they bury their relatives while still seated, and it has become a custom for them.

Strange coffin designs have been discovered online in recent photographs, provoking wild emotions and generating a whirlwind of controversy, according to the site administrators.

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