“There is nothing wrong with a woman sleeping with different men”- media personality says

In our African context, having numerous partners is associated with some stereotypes, yet a lady seems to be preaching that it is not a bad thing.

Shade Ladipo, a Nigerian media celebrity, has advised women not to be ashamed of their sex life.

Women do not commit a crime by sleeping with different men, according to the controversial TV and radio presenter.

As long as they did not do anything close to what Chidinma did to Super TV CEO, they should not feel guilty about it.

She wrote on her Snapchat: “You see that thing when you try to shame a woman by saying You wey …. so so and so Yeah Ms old.

Ladies, there’s no shame in how many people you have slept with. sex-shaming especially when done to women is older than Methuselah. Ladies pis hold us head high na fuck u fu*k you no do Chidinma”

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