The Holy Spirit directs me to speak English – Cecilia Marfo reveals

Cecilia Marfo, a gospel singer, has been trending on social media for ‘murdering’ the queen’s language, with some netizens even mimicking her words.

A number of viral videos have emerged of the singer singing some well-known and popular English worship songs, but her mispronunciation of the lyrics has led some to question whether she is actually familiar with the lyrics, given that all of the songs are well-known and can be sung by children.

Cecilia Marfo said in an interview on Accra’s Okay FM that when she is in the spirit world, she always sings English songs.

She explained that during that time, the holy spirit directs her to only sing English songs because she does not recall any twi or local songs.

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“When I’m immersed by the Holy Spirit I sing only English. I have a number of them there. Because I could not go to school so I don’t speak good English but when it gets to the point that I have to use the English language, whatever that comes to mind I use it. Fortunately, God makes people understand what I mean and they get happy about it,” she said.

Everything she said made it crystal clear that she would not let anything or anyone on the surface of the earth prevent her from singing any English songs.

Former member of the Pentecostal Church stated unequivocally that she sees no difference between songs labeled as worldly or secular.

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She stated that some of these songs inspire her and that she enjoys listening to Kojo Antwi, Kwabena Kwabena, and Amakye Dede’s songs.

watch part of the interview below;

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