The Ghanaian billionaire who invited the dead American model is linked to the NPP government.

An American model who was discovered dead in an Accra hotel came to see a Ghanaian millionaire who is supposedly related to the NPP.

It has been discovered that Tyger Booty, the American model found dead in an Accra hotel, traveled to meet with a Ghanaian businessman who is supposedly related to the NPP government.

Revealed: Ghanaian billionaire who invited American model is allegedly linked to the NPP government 

According to, the Ghanaian businessman with links to the governing regime invited the model over for a paid holiday. described it as:

Tyger Booty was an Instagram model with close to 600,000 followers.

One of them was an unnamed Ghanaian billionaire, who supposedly has ties to his government’s ruling party.

 He offered to fly the American to Ghana’s capital city of  Accra for a “paid vacation.”

Shortly after, she was found dead in an Accra hotel room.

The cause of death is unknown.

The word in Ghana is it could anything from an overdose to suicide to foul play.

RIP, Tyger Booty.