"The Ghana card will be used to replace the voters' ID soon"- Vice President Bawumia

“The Ghana card will be used to replace the voters’ ID soon”- Vice President Bawumia

It has been suggested by the Vice President, Dr. Bawumia, that the Ghana Card will, in due course, take the place of the voter identification cards.

Holders who turn 18 will automatically be put to the voter list; he argues that this will not only ease the stress of waiting in line to register for the ID, but it will also save the nation a large amount of money. If the plan is properly executed,

“Very soon you’ll see that our problem with voter registration will disappear.”

“It’s only a matter of time. If not at the next elections, the elections after, because we spend so much on voter registration but one’s unique identifier is determined and you can’t have underage people coming to register and 

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“Ghana card will be a good identification document as we’re already seeing so that we sanitize the voter registration system,” he said.

The Ghana Card has evolved into a document of even greater significance as a result of its usage in establishing nationality, registering businesses, and even traveling.