The ex-husband of Lyssa Chapman, Brahman Galanti (age, net worth, family)

The ex-husband of Lyssa Chapman, Brahman Galanti (age, net worth, family)

who is Brahman Galanti?

Brahman Galanti was born on July 24, 1973, in Oahu, Hawaii, in the United States of America. His given name is Brahman ‘Bo’ Galanti. Galanti rose to prominence as a result of his marriage to Lyssa Chapman, a prominent American businesswoman and TV personality. Lyssa was largely to blame for his celebrity.

Brahman Galanti

Brahman Galanti age

Brahman Galanti was born on July 24, 1973, in the United States of America, and was raised in Hawaii by his parents. At the same time, their parents’ names are never mentioned and no one knows who they are. Brahman is now 49 years old, and after the divorce from his wife, he is living happily with two daughters.

Brahman Galanti’s net worth

Brahman Galanti is no longer employed and has divorced from his wife, who has a pleasant personality and is well-known in America. She, on the other hand, is a businesswoman who has made a lot of money throughout her career. He does not, however, make as much money as his wife and earns significantly less than she does as a well-known TV personality and businesswoman. As a result, Brahman is no longer working and is instead living his life with the money he earned previously, and that money is very useful to him in his old age, when he cannot work and must instead sit and relax.

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Brahman Galanti ex-wife

Brahman Galanti was married to Lyssa Chapman, a stunning woman. Similarly, Lyssa is a well-known businesswoman in America as well as a well-known TV personality. Brahman and his wife met in high school and fell in love. They decided to marry and start a family after falling in love. Similarly, he gained fame and recognition after marrying his wife, who is well-known for her business and television appearances.

She had two beautiful daughters after marrying him. The couple divorced and now live separately in their respective homes. Because some things did not go as planned, they do not want to spend their golden years together.

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Brahman Galanti family

Nonetheless, the couple has a lot of time in their first few months. As a husband and wife, they thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. Similarly, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Madalynn Grace Galanti.