The cost of a sachet of water has risen from 20p to 30p.

Tips about Sachet Water Production in Ghana - SME Guide

Ghanaians should ready themselves for the new sachet water price.

The price of sachet water has been raised, and instead of the regular GHC 3.50p for a bag of sachet water, Ghanaians will now pay GHC 4.

This was discovered in a recent submission by Mr. Rex Nuamah, Western Regional President of the Ghana National Association of Sachet Water Producers.

He stated in his submission to Takoradi-based Skyy Power FM:

“Raw ingredients for creating sachet rubbers are now expensive, and we need to make the water safe to drink; this is one of the reasons for the price increase of a sachet of water from 20ps to 30ps.”

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The cars we use to transport water are increasingly expensive; the price of these cars has risen from GHc 50,000 to GHc 80,000, making the operations of water distribution to merchants similarly costly.

The country’s fuel prices have been rising, which has had a significant impact on the cost of producing sachet water.

I implore consumers to refrain from complaining about the price increase, as doing so will drive manufacturers to reduce the price by providing lower-quality water, thereby posing health risks to consumers.”