Suspected Side Chick tells how she k!lled popular Nigerian billionaire after she took his ATM card

A 21-year-old girl stabbed her millionaire husband to death, according to BBC pidgin. According to the BBC, the deceased billionaire was married to a wealthy lady who worked as a manager for an oil firm.

The deceased man was 50 years old and had three lovely children. Nevertheless, his wife is now a widow, and his children are fatherless.

pidgin reports from the BBC In a hotel suit, the deceased guy was smoking and drinking with his girlfriend. According to the suspect, the rich guy made love to her without her consent. The suspect said she first refused his approach, but eventually gave up when he overpowered her. After finding his way to the deceased millionaire, he saw she was not pleased and went to her to find out why. The 21-year-old girl informed him that he did not give her any money.

The sick millionaire laughed and handed her his ATM card, instructing her to withdraw any amount of money she desired. The suspect took his ATM card out of his wallet. He tried to approach her again, but she turned him down this time.She was smoking and drinking at the same time. She was not satisfied with the way he mistreated her, so she went to where he was and stabbed him in the chest and stomach, then made her way to the bank with his ATM card and took 380,000 naira from the deceased’s account.

She stated that they had been dating for four months. The man who died was a billionaire and the creator of a television network. His wife works at an energy company, and his sidekick was the suspect.

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