‘support your man but never contribute in paying your bride price’ – Married woman advises

A social media user has given a piece of advice to all women who are planning to marry.

This social media user believes that while it is good for a woman to support her man in everything, she should never assist him in paying her bride price.

The following post was made in the popular Facebook social media group, Tell It All.

she wrote;

“Support your man in everything but never contribute in paying your bride price”

below are some reactions;

Ìnasonki Da Bismillah – i always feel Like crying reading the comments here.. so many women are disvirgined, impregnated to deliver lots of born one and feel nothing wrong but they feel something is wrong wen helping a man to pay bride price?. instead of fornicating with that man and produce born one freee i think it is best u help pay the bride price than selling ur honour and bodies free in the name of boyfrnd and fornication 

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Angelina Amoani-Gyan – Sure, my uncle said that sometime ago before I got married and I’m glad I listened.
It doesn’t only favour the women ooo it is honour for the men!
Men, don’t take this msg wrongly. Even if she has enough money to pay or give to you to pay pls don’t let her.
Women, I hope you understand this wisdom. You can help or contribute to any other thing concerning your marriage but NOT your bride price whether you do wedding or not!

Jah Bless Faila – They’ll not listen, they’ll form manly responsibility saa,then the man certifies it for her her whole life.

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Flexy Brave Hearted – Talks like this are contributing to many home breakages. Leave people alone to love themselves and help each other. There’s nothing wrong to help a man marry you as woman.

Egow Kwamz – Bride price must be solely paid by the man but the other aspect of the marriage ceremony the woman can help him duzalll.. I can’t take all these responsibilities onto my self, and still You take the marriage certificate, gifts, money , and at longgg run disrespect and cheat on me aswell.. eno nso ede3n nkwasiabuor nono or .. The man and the woman becomes one no u ppl no Dey fit understand anaaa

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