“Stop giving breast to men, it was meant for babies”- Hon. Peace advises women

Enugu State’s Commissioner for Gender Affairs, Hon. Peace Nnaji has urged mothers to ensure that their newborns receive the full advantages of breastfeeding and to refrain from handing them to their spouses during romantic encounters.

Her compelling message was given during a UNICEF media conversation with South East, South-South, and sections of North Central journalists.

She stated that it is inappropriate for men to share their wives’ breastmilk with their children, claiming that breastmilk is intended for “the baby, not the father.”

“Breastmilk is designed for infants, not their fathers,” she is reported as saying. Breastmilk should not be given to spouses; it is intended for their children.

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“It is unacceptable for women to not nurse their kids because they are afraid of having flat or sagging breasts,” the Commissioner said, adding that exclusive nursing for at least the first six months after delivery offers several advantages.

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