"Stop feeding the youth lies and tell them where you made your money for real"- Maurice Ampaw blast Cheddar

“Stop feeding the youth lies and tell them where you made your money for real”- Maurice Ampaw blast Cheddar

Maurice Ampaw, a controversial legal practitioner, has demanded that Ghanaian business billionaire Nana Kwame Bediako Cheddar and other affluent people tell the truth about how they became successful.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw believes that businesspeople like Cheddar and other business moguls are providing false success stories to the younger generation, which has the effect of negatively influencing them.

The outspoken lawyer criticized both Cheddar and Daniel McKorley, who is the CEO of the McDan Group of businesses and is known as “McDan.”

He counseled them to quit making up stories about how they became successful and to instead be honest about how they achieved that achievement. He encouraged them to cease making up stories.

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“You didn’t start with anything small. Stop lying to the youth. Recently I heard Cheddar saying something and I was sad. Let us be real to the youth.

You can’t tell me you started with one plot and now you have companies. Tell the youth the truth. There are other things you need to tell the youth”, Maurice Ampaw revealed.

Cheddar, a Ghanaian business giant and real estate mogul, recently stated that he began his real estate firm with just one plot of land. This news comes as a direct response to Cheddar’s statement.

Cheddar claimed that the experience of building two homes on the same plot of land gave him the inspiration to start a career in the real estate industry.