'Stop dating broke women, they won't date you if you were broke'- influencer advises men

‘Stop dating broke women, they won’t date you if you were broke’- influencer advises men

Solomon Buchi is a popular Twitter influencer from Nigeria who has urged men to avoid dating financially unstable women to the fullest extent feasible.

He stated that not only do poor women deplete men of their financial resources, but they also do not assist men in growing and expanding their lives.

“Men, stop dating broke women. They won’t help you grow. They’ll drain you. They need money for everything, even for oxygen. They hate work, but they love soft life.

Check their IG, you’ll think they’re millionaires. Avoid dating broke women, but give them jobs if you can, but they hate working though. So it’s a lose-lose case.

Nobody is born a great partner, same way nobody is born a great doctor. The problem is that people do not put effort into learning how to be great partners like they put into becoming great doctors, great engineers and all that.

People just believe that because they are in a relationship, they’ll be great partners. No. if you can learn how to be great in your career, you can also learn how to be a great husband or wife.