” Stay away from friends and Family if you want to enjoy your marriage”- Kwaku Manu advised Medikal

Kwaku Manu have been married for 9 years now and have been blessed with 4 lovely kids.

His experience as a married man has put him in the position to advise any upcoming couple on how to live their lives.

Recently he hosted medikal on his Aggressive interview show where he shared a piece of advise to the rapper.

According to kwaku Manu, he has seen alot of marriages collasped after family and friends where made to be involved in the affiars. He told medikal to stay away from Family and friends if he wants his marriage to stand the test of time.

As someone who has been on this road before, l want you to know that if you want your marriage to be sweet and successful, keep family out of it. As soon as family intervenes in your affairs, your marriage is head for failure…never allow any family member stay in your house more that three days, because if they over stay their welcome, they will start poking their nose in your affairs.” He told medikal


Don’t neglect your wife, make her your partner in everything. Discuss your plans with her and you’d be surprised at how she will help you become more successful”. He added.



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