“Some Girls take pills to shift their periods further in order to ‘chop’ more men”- Doctor reveals (Watch)

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Bi Benard, a Nigerian Instagram influencer, has published a new video demonstrating how Nigerian girls use medications to advance their monthly periods.

When he questioned a lady who was taking the nameless pills why she was taking them, she said she wanted to go swimming and didn’t want her period to embarrass her.

He went on to say that one of the adverse effects was that she didn’t have her period for a long time and had to start taking a new set of meds to get her period back.

He went on to say that nowadays, girls with several sexual partners take drugs to help them meet their goal of gratifying all of their lovers.

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Bernard went on to say that a lot of girls use medications on weekends because that’s when sexual activity is at its peak.

Watch the video below .

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