"Sleeping with your girlfriend during her period is very sweet"- Man reveals

“Sleeping with your girlfriend during her period is very sweet”- Man reveals

While having intercourse with a woman during her period is considered immoral and filthy, a young Nigerian man on Twitter has argued otherwise.

Having sex with a lady on her period, according to this tweep who isn’t hesitant about his naughty escapades, is the nicest thing on Earth, and he recommends every guy to experience it at least once in his life.

He also stated in his popular tweet that he is surprised whenever people express regret that their partners are menstruating and thus unable to have sex with them because he believes that is the finest time for sexual intercourse.

Menstrual blood is said to bring bad luck in Africa, so males attempt to avoid it as much as possible.

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Tbh I don’t understand guys when they get sad that their women are on their periods because “no sex”. Don’t drag me but isn’t that when the sex is better?

A lot of you haven’t even tried it. Same way you guys talk against “butt stuff” all the time and you’ve not even tried it. Release yourselves from shackles o

Nasty and disrespectful sex is the best btw. I just want you to know that the more you have sex with someone, the more freedom you have to explore and get nastier and deeper. It’s really bliss. The reason y’all get tired is because you only do like 5 plays and that’s it

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"Sleeping with your girlfriend during her period is very sweet"- Man reveals