Singer Sefa Shows Her Meat Pie During A Live Performance (photo)

Social internet is buzzing over Ghanaian singer Sefa as her outrageous attire has gotten a lot of attention.

At one of the many performances taking place throughout the holiday season, Sefa recently took to the stage and as always, she wowed the crowds with her musical prowess and stunning dance abilities.

Apart from that, Sefa’s fashion sense overwhelmed the crowd. The singer chose a bodycon dress in a sleek two-piece design. Because her clothing was too tight, she showed off every inch of her figure.

During her performance, Sefa, who once said she enjoys exposing herself, proudly displayed her meat pie to the audience. It seems that people can’t get enough of her for doing something like this.

Meanwhile, the musician in an interview used she use to have low self-esteem and after a long period of self-doubt, she has discovered a method to deal with her insecurities and now feels confident enough to show offย skin.