"Since i stopped scamming i have gone broke, I haven't eaten since morning"- Criss waddle

“Since i stopped scamming i have gone broke, I haven’t eaten since morning”- Criss waddle

Criss Waddle, a singer from Ghana who is also the chief executive officer of AMG Business, has released a video that has once again caused many people to wonder about the origin of his money.

Waddle uploaded a video to Tiktok in which he stated that ever since he quit committing fraud, his life has been a complete disaster and he hasn’t eaten in days.

Even though the video was more comedic than serious, several detractors seized on it as an opportunity to criticize the rapper for allegedly confirming allegations that he scam for a career.

Criss Waddle has previously stated that he did not amass his riches through the music industry, although he has denied that he obtained his wealth through criminal activities.

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Although he has been accused of being one of the entertainers that indulge in cyber fraud, there is no proof to support the claims that have been made against him.

Waddle gave an interview to Angel FM, during which he stated that he is not involved in such activities, contrary to the rumors, but that he has been substantially investing in enterprises since 2016.

”Drug was never part of what I was doing on the street and after making good money on the street I decided to invest in real estate and importation so that’s what I do,” he said.