Shugatiti shares a complete nἇk3d photo of herself as a Christmas gift to her fans.

Shugatiti shares a complete nἇk3d photo of herself as a Christmas gift to her fans.

A Ghanaian nud!st model and businesswoman, Serwaa Frimpong Manso is better known by her stage name Shugatiti.

She recently sparked the interest of her followers on Instagram by posting a photo of herself in a semi-naked state as a Christmas gift for them.

If you follow her on social media, this won’t come as a surprise to you because she built her brand around nd!ty.

Because of this, it only makes sense that she continues to stay in her area of expertise and continue to entertain her fans in the same way that she did when she first started her career.

In the photograph that is rapidly gaining notoriety, Shugatiti can be seen baring her entire butt while wearing alluring red underwear.

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This alluring outfit was designed to sexually entice men and expose her butt.

Before this post was even went viral, the photo had already been viewed more than 10,000 times, and her followers had left more than 500 comments on it.

Many of the comments criticize Shugatiti for leading a promiscuous lifestyle, which is looked down upon in this part of the world.

Some people on social media have even called for the Ghana Police Service to take her into custody and charge her with violating the constitution because she uploaded pictures of herself wearing only her underwear onto the internet.

Due to the fact that she has developed a thick skin, Shugagtiti will not even be bothered by these criticisms.

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This is what she captioned the photo with.

Merry Christmas, lovelies! Are you patiently waiting on my gifts?

See the photo below.