Shugatiti Explains Why She Used A P3niis Pot And Other Seku@lly Suggestive Bowls At Her Restaurant – (Video)

Shugatiti Explains Why She Used A P3niis Pot And Other [email protected] Suggestive Bowls At Her Restaurant – (Video)

Shugatiti, a popular nvde model, recently opened her restaurant, Pot Of Shuga.

The restaurant, which is located in Osu, sparked outrage on social media after videos of the opening surfaced.

Many of those who spoke about the restaurant expressed concerns about the designs Shugatiti used for the various pots, bowls, and glasses that food is served in at her restaurant, which is only open to people over the age of 18.

Shugatiti has responded to the backlash by explaining why she chose to use such bowls and drinking glasses.

Shugatiti claims that she toiled over this line because she wanted to do something different from what everyone else was doing.

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She went on to say that other restaurants only offer standard pot shapes and sizes, whereas her own restaurant caters to those looking for adventure and excitement.

When asked by Zionfelix if the restaurant she is currently running is a reflection of her social media activities, Shugatiti emphatically denied it and stated that the restaurant has friendlier pots as well.