She is the daughter of a President but dresses simple without makeups – Photos

Agnes is the late Rwandan president’s daughter. Agnes became well-known on social media for her fashion sense. Despite her wealth and the fact that her father was Rwanda’s president, Agnes never wore cosmetics and always dressed simply. You might argue she is the world’s only daughter of a President who does not wear cosmetics, which is rather amusing.

Despite her academic achievements, Agnes dislikes wearing expensive clothes and does not use cosmetics.

Agnes runs errands for her father and does not live a hurried existence. She owns a farm that she visits on a regular basis. You can see photographs of her on her farm since she always finds time for it.

If you happened to run into her on the street, you would never guess she is a president’s daughter because she dresses so plainly, is peaceful, and does not say much. She is humble and displays humanity, and she is extremely polite.

She has a master’s degree in international relations and has studied politics. I am confident she will make an excellent wife.

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