“She cheated on me with a sugar Daddy, they even went to Dubai for vacation”- Ali reveals why he broke up with shemima

Date Rush’s Ali has finally responded to those accusing him of betraying Shemima.

In a self-shot video seen by bestshowbiz, the gentleman claims people have been harassing him on social media, accusing him of breaking a woman’s heart.

They accuse him of being a fool for leaving a well-endowed lady, according to Ali.

These attacks were provoked by a video Shemima made crying about how Ali dumped her despite her love for him.

Ali explained the breakup by saying the lady treated him like a fool and disrespected him.

He revealed Shemima left Ghana for Dubai with her sugar daddy and she only alerted him about the trip a day before.

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She returned to Ghana after a month in Dubai with the alleged sugar daddy, expecting things to be OK.

Shemima thinks Ali will warmly welcome her back to Ghana after a month in Dubai with a sugar daddy.

He said that he couldn’t keep behaving foolishly for love, so he resigned.

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