Shatta Wale reacts to Wendy Shay’s deadly accident

Shatta Wale, Ghana’s dancehall artist, has voiced concern following the accident involving one of Ghana’s top female vocalists, Wendy Shay.

Ghanaians awoke on September 10, 2023, to learn that the female singer had been involved in an accident on the ACP Estate and Kwabena Stretch in Accra.

According to accounts, the musician collided with a tipper truck carrying sand that was facing her when she attempted to avoid the truck.

The RuffTown Record signee has not commented on the accident, but many of her fans, sympathizers, and other industry celebrities have sent their thoughts, hoping she is in good health.

Shatta Wale, Ghana’s Dancehall King, has made a few statements on how Ghanaians are sending sympathizing messages to Wendy Shay.

He is shocked that Ghanaians are sympathizing with the musician’s mishap and sharing the news on numerous social media platforms, but are unable to channel that same enthusiasm into promoting her released songs.

He went on to say that Wendy Shay is trying her best in the music industry, so Ghanaians should focus on news about how she writes and records her songs.

Some Ghanaians, he believes, are ungrateful and should appreciate the female artist’s efforts.

“Accidentally, she is trending, but her songs don’t make news about it,” he commented on Twitter. Please go and bring us that news while she is filming, how she busts her brains to get the work done…Fakas!!! Dem ain’t afraid to oooh… This entertainment is ideal for her, erh. Ungrateful-some-people”.

See his post below;

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