See the video of Kasoa Slay Qữeen giving a Man ‘BJ’ at a club in the presence of many people.

These days, slay queens are all the rage. You may almost always see or hear something about slay queens no matter where you go. Due to some of the actions they partake in, these females always manage to become “headlines” in people’s conversations.

The video depicts a slay queen in Kasoa who is accused of providing mouth service to certain male clubbers.
The slay queen, who had been merrily dancing while sitting on one gentleman’s laps, abruptly turned to face him.

You’d think she’d keep dancing because she was already doing it, but something happened. She knelt down and began performing a severe oral service on the young man.

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She then moved on to another man, as if that wasn’t enough. She concealed her head in the man’s shirt this time and began servicing him with her lips. If you pay great attention to the video, you’ll notice that the second man has had enough and has begun to decline the offer.

Watch the video below:

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