See The Reactions Of A Female Police Officer After A Man Told Her "She is Beautiful" - (Video)

See The Reactions Of A Female Police Officer After A Man Told Her “She is Beautiful” – (Video)

A viral video showing a young man in the United States stopping a female police officer and commenting on how beautiful she is has sparked widespread outrage.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” he said to get the lady’s attention. When the officer turned around, he proceeded to compare her beauty to candy. The police officer laughed at the compliment at the time.

The man asked the officer, who just laughed, for her phone number. Seconds later, he jokingly requested that the officer move to the wall and place her hands behind her back, as if he were arresting her.

Many people who saw the video agreed that the police officer is stunning.

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Watch the video below;


See some of the reactions 

KAYB said:

“I woulda been arrested dat day.”

“She is pretty.”

“You’ve got to sing ‘Mrs Officer; by Lil Wayne next time lol.”

Matt said:

“Ayyyeee she was feeling the vibes!”

“Nah cause she really is fioneeee.”

“Yooo that was smooth as silk son.”

“She’s a cutie too and humbled with it..”

“Best pick up line in American history.”

Kai said:

“You gotta wait til she off the phone…her main could be on the line lmao.”

“How you keep finding all these fine Ahh cops, like this a Guinness record or something.”

“Oh my word!!!! She’s a baddie. ONG.”