See Rare Photos of Sergeant Ametewee, the police Constable who tried to k!ll Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

When those we rely on betray us, the pain becomes unbearable. How many times have we wished to draw our loved ones closer to us and confide in them, but who knows whether they will remain loyal or not? Regardless of the number of bodyguards present, it is best to be vigilant and take charge of our security within our inner circles.

One of the strange cases of betrayal involved a police officer assigned to the presidential palace and part of the security team. The Ghana Police Service’s motto is “Service with Integrity.” So, why would an officer who had sworn an oath to protect the President consider murdering him?

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Police Constable Seth Nicholas Kwame Ametewee attempted to shoot Ghana’s founding father, Kwame Nkrumah but was saved by one of Nkrumah’s bodyguards. Sergeant Salifu Dagaati bravely defended the president and was hit by a bullet. When he died, he was remembered as a hero.

Constable Seth Nicholas Ametewee was later summoned to court to account for his actions. While the gentleman was in court, a photograph of him surfaced.