See Plenty Of Money That Burnt In Kejetia Fire

See Plenty Of Money That Burnt In Kejetia Fire

Apart from the loss of products and crafts, it has been revealed that the impacted merchants in the Kumasi Kejetia Market fire lost an unknown sum of money.

A number of businesses and costly objects were damaged in the Wednesday evening fire that ripped through the ultramodern market at 5 p.m.

When the fire was ultimately quenched by firemen after roughly three hours, an unspecified quantity of Ghana Cedis notes were charred by the blaze.

Several of the devastated merchants, sobbing, told the media that they had kept their money in the market but had lost a large sum of money due to the fire.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that 20 stores and the contents housed in them were completely destroyed by the fire.

Nana Prempeh, one of the Kejetia merchants’ leaders, informed the media that the fire hit 54 stores in Kejetia, with 20 completely destroyed.

Twenty stores were completely destroyed by the fire, four shops were partly destroyed, and an additional 20 shops were violently broken into for access to put out the fire,” he said.

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According to Nana Prempeh, the market’s administrators had yet to identify additional stores in Kejetia that had been impacted by the water used to combat the flames.

Nana Prempeh also declared that the market will be closed for three days as a result of a recommendation from the Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC).

Nonetheless, he said that sellers dealing in perishable commodities have been given the chance to withdraw their wares from the market and sell them elsewhere in order to avoid losses.

In a related incident, Ashanti Regional Minister Simon Osei Mensah, who also serves as the chairman of REGSEC, visited the market yesterday to examine the damage.

He proposed that the market be closed to dealers and the general public for at least three days so that it may be cleaned before reopening.

The Ashanti Regional Minister, who was clearly upset by the devastation caused by the fire, said that the reason of the fire breakout will be probed.

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However, the cause of the Kejetia inferno was still being investigated as of the time this report was published yesterday. Firefighters, on the other hand, have launched their investigation.

It has also been revealed that no one died as a result of the fire. According to reports, several dealers fell after breathing smoke, but they were revived.

Nonetheless, numerous merchants were said to have suffered physical injuries, particularly those who were stuck on the top level and had to use ropes to descend to the lower floor.

See Plenty Of Money That Burnt In Kejetia Fire