See pictures of the beautiful lady xandy Kamel stole her husband from (photos)

It was rumored that Xandy grabbed the man from one of her Angel TV colleagues when it was declared that Xandy and King Kaninja were ready to marry.

The identity and images of the woman who lost her boyfriend to Xandy have surfaced a year after their marriage.

This report was published on Instagram by an Instagram blogger who wrote:

So it’s no longer news that Xandy snatched her man from another woman at angel
Her reason for that as said by Mona on her tv show was “na omo mpenatwe3 no y3 nu ahi”
Hence she decided to break it and she did succeed

Well, ladies and gentlemen I present to you the lady whose man was snatched.
She is Annabel. A beauty to behold

Xandy is nice and wonderful no doubt but the man too arwel what do I know.

Who left his pizza in my room this morning and took away my gari soakings ? Oya reveal yaself

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