See more photos of the beautiful wife and son of Kumawood actor, Aduse Poku

With his beautiful looks and distinctive talent in the Kumawood business, Bernard Aduse Poku won the hearts of many Ghanaians.

Because of his humility and ability to care, he is regarded as one of the industry’s top actors.

He is also one of the country’s most dynamic and stylistic comedy actors.

In this essay, I will introduce you to the attractive son and lovely wife of vivacious Kumawood star Aduse Poku Bernard.

Bernard Aduse Poku, the most attractive Kumawood actor, won many awards in 2014 for his roles in films as a well-to-do spouse and a good person.

He rose to become one of the most well-known Kumawood actors of all time, melting the hearts of countless Ghanaians.

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The actor is regarded as one of the best in the country. He is currently a film producer and a businessman in the United States. He is having a wonderful time with his lovely family.

Knowing the attractive actor’s lovely family is beneficial as a fan. That is why I am providing you with his stunning photographs.

below are the photos;

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