See list of Ghanaian Musicians who gave us only one hit song and then disappeared (videos)

Songs that were one-hit-wonder that were popular for a short period of time.

Artists who became famous as a result of their songs were known as one-hit wonders.

Artists who made a significant contribution to the atmosphere of a specific period

The reasons why music enthusiasts like listening to good music are numerous, and in some cases, songs devoured by fans have ended up being the sole successful songs to emerge from their respective camps as a result.

Some musicians spend their whole lives in obscurity, yet they would rather have one enormous hit song than nothing at all, and some musicians express satisfaction in having so many people love their work, even if their celebrity only lasted for a little period of time.

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Certain songs are only played for a limited amount of time.

It is possible for an artist to release a hit song, and it appears to be everywhere, with fans clapping along to the beat.

The music stays with you, but the performer goes away, joining the ranks of the many who have had one success after another.

Below are some of the best one-hit wonders from some Ghanaian musicians.

Nana Boroo – Aha Yede

Dr. Slim – Seke

Zigi- You say wey Tim

Atom- Yewo Krom

Eduwoji – Yenko Nkoaa

Eddie Khae (Do the Dance)