See how Ghanaians angrily reacted to the story of a woman jailed for stealing Ghs 5 to buy food for her two kids

According to what the majority of us are aware, the economic situation in the country is not favorable at all, especially for those who are considered “well-to-do.” We have witnessed the demonstrations of numerous industries and other organizations that are quite dissatisfied with the current state of the world. So, if even those who are lucky enough to earn at least GHC30 a day are crying out, how much more those who are at the bottom of the national ladder and living from hand to mouth must be suffering?

A 24-year-old single mother has allegedly been sentenced for stealing GHC 5 from her neighbor in order to feed her hungry children, which is a far worse situation than those demanding improved living circumstances on the streets of the country. The mother of three has been financially disadvantaged ever since she was left to care for herself and her three children with no outside assistance or support. Many others believe she should not be held responsible for the theft, since difficult times call for desperate measures, and that a prison sentence is excessively harsh for her circumstances because she is alone and without assistance.

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