See how fast the twins of popular Ghanaian lesbian couple are growing – Photos

You may be cringing after reading the headline of this story, wondering how lesbians can have babies without a male, but it does happen, and the popular Ghanaian lesbian couple, Dorcas and Linda Ampadu, known as Deelyn, are typical examples.The Ghanaian pair, who have been married for four years and presently reside in the United Kingdom, are Ghanaians.

They are notorious for flaunting their love lives on social media and expressing their love for each other on a regular basis. Despite the constant vilification and condemnation, they go about their daily lives unaffected.

They recently declared on the Internet that they were expecting a kid, which left Ghanaians perplexed as to how this was possible. Indeed, the news increased Ghanaians’ disapproval of the couple, as many saw it as heinous and a disgrace to their families.

However, once they published a photo of Linda Ampadu bearing a baby bulge a few months later, their rumored pregnancy became undeniable. Surprisingly, she gave birth to two healthy baby boys.

They are planning an official naming ceremony for the infants on July 10th this year, but the babies have already been given the names Okatayie and Oberempong, and guess what? They look just like their parents. They appear to have inherited a light skin color from Linda, who carried the pregnancy, as well as a diastema (tooth gap) from Dorcas, which is inadequate proof to deny that the infants are theirs.

below are their photos;

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