See How A 'Tall' Lady Was Romancing Her 'Short' Boyfriend (Video)

See How A ‘Tall’ Lady Was Romancing Her ‘Short’ Boyfriend (Video)

A young lady and her boyfriend were caught on camera romancing each other in a room, and many social media users couldn’t stop laughing after seeing it.

If you look closely at the video, you can see that the lady is taller than the guy. As a result, it appears that the lady is in charge of how the guy should romance her.

The man was seen standing on his toes before reaching a height from which he could kiss the lady.

Despite this, the man was seen passionately kissing, cuddling, and smoothing the lady, but he was like a small boy in front of a grown-up woman.

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When she realized he was laughing while romancing her, she pushed him away.

After seeing this video, some social media users commented that this is what we call “long distance relationships.” Others stated that in this type of relationship, the guy cannot misbehave. If he does, the lady will beat him.

Watch the video below;