See Five inappropriate photos of Reverend Obofour and his wife

Many Christians in this nation think that once you are a man of God or a pastor, whether a charismatic pastor or a pastor of one of the country’s Orthodox churches, you must live an iconic or sacred life so that the church members would follow in your footsteps.

Some men of God in the nation, on the other hand, do things that are not dissimilar to what regular people would do.

This article focuses on certain men of God whose public acts, styles, or methods of speaking are despicable. We all know that as a man of God, you must at the very least strive to live a non-controversial life in order for people to have faith in you as a decent pastor.

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Rev Obofour, a well-known, beautiful, and wealthy preacher, has been labeled a controversial pastor because of his behavior and activities, particularly on social media, where he and his large rear wife, Ciara Antwi, have been caught improperly.

The following are some of their contentious social media images, which did not go down well with many Christians. He is been chastised on numerous occasions, but he ignores what others have to say about him and his stunning wife Ciara.

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